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Take care of your loungewear with the right pajamas and a good duvet cover set

More time indoors means thinking about loungewear and how to give a new look to your bedroom with a colorful duvet cover set

ASOS Supply, Pigiama, Loungewear

Our habits are changed: today we don’t parties and we watch much more Netflix. We don’t leave the sofa even to go out drinking with friends: we prefer to do it at home. What does this have to do with your wardrobe? More time indoors means that what you wear during your relax time is more important than ever.

In a world of Smart TV and Google Home we have to take care of our home wear. And I’m not talking about gym suits and broken shirts. Now there is loungewear.

ASOS Supply, Pigiama, Loungewear

Loungewear is now a (men) thing

For a man admiting to wear clothing for staying at home means teddy bears and anti-sex pajamas. But the pajamas have come a long way so much that some aspects of it have even been absorbed by everyday fashion. The “athleisure” trend, that mixes sportswear with luxury, would never have taken off if there was no special clothing for the bedroom, whose pajamas are the maximum expression.

That’s why it is time to think a little more about your pajamas.

ASOS Supply, Pigiama, Loungewear

Why wear pajamas

Sleeping in boxers (or nude) is certainly good during the hot periods of the year. But when the temperatures start to fall, the pajamas offer help.

The regulation of body temperature is fundamental since at night it fluctuates a lot. You should look for a fairly wide fit pajamas for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, but this doesn’t mean you have to be dull. In terms of fabrics, cotton, silk and satin are the ideal options for warmer nights because they are soft and breathable. Flannel and wool are ideal when temperatures drop or your partner uses you as a duvet

As time progressed, so did the pajamas. Traditional styles are still popular, but there is a more modern alternative to get even more out of your pajamas. We are talking about longsleeves pajamas shirt: a style that is comfortable to sleep, but elegant to be worn even at breakfast. Wear it with some elasticated waistband and side pockets bottoms (like the ASOS one you see in this post) is very popular and the reason is simple: you’ll look good.

ASOS Supply, Pigiama, Loungewear

The importance of good bed linen

In addition to the right pajamas, you can sleep better  into a comfortable, fresh and clean with the right linen. And choosing the right duvet cover is an important decision.

Especially because the duvet covers are able to easily refresh the bedroom: just replace it to have a completely new look. The animal & leaf double duvet set by ASOS SUPPLY have a stylish touch of color and it’s like filling the bed with a decoration.

Now you’re ready to stay home, in style.

ASOS Supply, Pigiama, Loungewear

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