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Lush presented the We The Bathers exhibition in Rome to celebrate the thirty years of the legendary bath bomb

Lush celebrated the bath bomb, the product invented in 1989 that for thirty years has wrapped bathtubs all over the world with fragrant joy

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Lush presented in Rome in the store in Via del Corso the exhibition “We The Bathers”, a new and multi-sensory exhibition dedicated to its most famous product: the bath bomb.

To welcome the multisensory journey was the splendid en plein air setting of the garden inside the store, a space chosen not by chance to host the exhibition. The bath bomb was actually born in a shed inside a garden: with a tuff in the past back in 1989, in Poole in Dorset, birthplace not only of the bath bomb, but also of the brand itself.

Mo Constantine, co-founder Lush, invented the first bath bomb right there.

Creativity and innovation for a physical and digital experience

Today it is the mind of Jack Constantine, son of the founders Mark and Mo Constantine, who guides the creative process behind every bath bomb.

Thus a new generation of more complex, stratified and multicolored bath bombs was born, in search of ever new and spectacular effects for the skin and the senses: a classic reinterpreted in a modern key where physical and digital are integrated.

An example of this is the development of the #LushLabs app, available on iOS and Android, which makes it possible to transform any smartphone into an exploration and discovery tool: just frame a bath bomb with your phone to immediately discover its ingredients, benefits and to observe in preview its spectacular multicolored effects.

Within the “We The Bathers” exhibition it was possible to use the application, to live a 360 ° experience that allowed each visitor to enjoy the route in an interactive and integrated way.

lush, we the beathers, bomba da bagno blackberry

A plunge into a multisensory experience

The #LushLabs application was not only a tool available to “We The Bathers” visitors to learn more about and discover the history of the Lush bath bomb. A selection of ingredients to be touched and smelled have punctuated the path of the visit, to remember the constant investigation on the ideal raw materials for the skin and at the same time respectful of the environment.

There have also been a wide selection of bath bombs born to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of the bomb, to invade the garden of the Lush store in Via del Corso with an irresistible fragrance, where personalized consultations have been held to discover first person the benefits that a hot bath can have on the skin and mood.

Smell and touch were not the only senses protagonists of “We The Bathers”: to accompany every visitor during his experience there were the suggestive music of ECC Records, the record company of Lush.

The store in Via del Corso in Rome is the only one in Italy to host the entire ECC Records vinyl collection, which can be heard both inside the garden and in a dedicated space inside the store

Hands in the dough!

Finally, the exhibition allowed us to find out how a bath bomb is made, even putting our hands in the dough: during the three weeks of the exhibition there were numerous appointments dedicated to the creation of bath bombs, to become real Lush Kneaders and , above all, to discover how a legend is born.

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