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12-Grand: how to receive a streetwear t-shirt from size XL to 12XL every month at home

12-Grand pleases all men allowing you to receive a t-shirt of the size you want most, from XL to 12XL, every month at home

12-Grand, Plus Size Men Fashion Brand

Although fashion is realizing the need to expand its clothing even for plus-size men, it’s still difficult to find brands that are truly inclusive.

We’re not just talking about people wearing 2XL or 3XL – sizes that have become more common even for fast-fashion brands. But let’s talk about all those people who wear much less common sizes.

12-Grand, Plus Size Men Fashion Brand

What is 12-Grand

12-Grand is a service born in Sweden and aims to please all men through a subscription that allows them to receive a t-shirt of the size they want every month at home – starting from XL to 12XL.

The service was born by observing above all the gap between the number of people who need sizes over 2XL and the minimum amount of streetwear brands available.

12 Grand, Plus Size Men Fashion Brand

Streetwear for all

12-Grand focuses on one of the most under-represented areas in men’s plus-size fashion, the streetwear clothing.

And that’s why 12-Grand decided to take inspiration from both casual and luxury clothing, combining the classic simplicity of brands like Carhartt with the luxurious attention to detail and aesthetics of COMME des GARCONS and the attitude of Supreme.

12 Grand, Plus Size Men Fashion Brand


The t-shirts are all ethically made, cut and sewn at their factory in Portugal using high quality cotton. They take care not only of the fitting and the feeling of quality, but also of the details worthy of any luxury brand out there.

12 Grand, Plus Size Men Fashion Brand

How to use 12-Grand service

Signing up is very simple: just connect to the site, fill out the form by entering the address and the size and with a cost of 35 euros per month you will receive a 12-Grand t-shirt every month. Currently there is also a limited launch promotion that will allow you to receive the first t-shirt for free.

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