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Guide To Wear A Beanie: how to give a unique touch to any outfit

A beanie is the only accessory for a man who, as well as protect from the cold, adds some personal touch to any winter outfit

Berretti invernali uomo, beanie

How to cover your head when the cold is raging? Beanie are probably the only acceptable option. Many will say that no, they don’t really like beanies. But did you ever think that you could have just worn the wrong ones? Because, as with so many things in the world of clothing, even the beanie is one of those accessories that can be wonderful or disastrous depending on how you wear it.

Berretti invernali uomo, beanie

Beanie: how to chose one

Before deciding to buy a beanie, you need to pay attention to the small details because they are the ones that make you understand if that beanie is suitable or not for our face. Just like with sunglasses.

For example, for a round or square face, beanies without cuffs work better, with a softer style, worn slightly backwards from the face. Gray, black, brown and blue are the safest colors and suitable for different situations. In case you try to mix different fabric textures: for example, if the beanie is made of wool, wear a shirt or a flannel dress.

Berretti invernali uomo

If you have an oval face, the classic beanies work well: turn-up and close-fitting style will adapt perfectly to the shape of the face. The classic cap remains one of the most popular and versatile existing, supported as much by hip-hop stars as by workers.

And in fact there are two styles with which to wear them. If you are attracted by the charm of the classic beanie like the hooded sweatshirts, the sneakers and the baseball caps, then you can choose any color and point to the graphic on the cap with logos or writings on the cuff that you can see well. If your style is more focused on casual business work, the classic cap can be one of the key accessories of the look, but there must be no marks, if not small, and you must stay on gradations that are not too strong.

And now find a timeless and trendy beanie that makes you feel good.

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