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How to take care of hair, body and beard with 3in1 cleansing bar by MINT On Demand

Discover with MINT on Demand the new generation of vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free cleansing bars made with natural ingredients

mint on demand, saponi vegan, cleansing bar beard

We use to think about soap as something to wash only our hands with or at most our body (with care!). This is because, in the past, soap was made through components such as sodium hydroxide, which has a corrosive effect on delicate parts of the body.

Today, however, soap is made with different elements, so the name of soap (which derives from “saponification”, ie the process that allows to create it) makes little sense and in its place, in fact, we speak of “cleansing bar”. In fact this is all about: rectangular shaped products that have the function of cleaning!

Therefore, in the idea of ​​creating a product that no longer has that “dangerousness” of the past, cleansing bar today no longer only has the function of cleaning hands or body parts. In some cases it can be a multitasking product. An example is the 3in1 cleansing bar created by MINT on Demand. More than a brand, MINT is a London service that takes care of bringing a wellness experience for your face, hair, beard, but also nails or massages to homes, hotels or offices.

mint on demand, saponi vegan, cleansing bar beard

I saponi detergenti di MINT on Demand

From this experience the idea of producing their own cleaning bars was born. Indeed their own cleaning cubes! They are in fact vegan and cruelty free square shaped soaps, paraben free, made with natural ingredients. They are for all skin and hair types, both for men and women, and can be used on face, body and hair. The cleansing bar are supplied in plastic-free packaging and are easy to carry with you for the gym or for a travel

Among the natural ingredients used there is oil of karité, useful for hydrating the skin, while almond oil regenerates the skin thanks to its vitamins and fatty acids. By providing a protective layer on the skin, jojoba helps repair the skin by providing a natural anti-inflammatory effect. The foam of these soaps instead comes from coconut oil and it’s excellent by itself to remove impurities from the skin or the accumulation of products used on the hair.

Among the available variants there is the Sea Minerals, Coconut + Argan and my favourite the Tea Tree + Lime + Mint version. Each with its own color, its own perfume, but all with the same effects. Try them and let me know what you think.

mint on demand, saponi vegan, cleansing bar beard

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