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Happy Socks: Why not to match Mens Socks, but have fun through the Look

Happy Socks allow you to have mens socks full of colors and patterns that you can wear on your feet to give depth to the looks

happy socks spring summer 2020

Today we get used to the idea of combining shoes or pants with the rest of our look, but we are never sure what to do with accessories such as socks.

Until now mens socks available on the market were few and all monochromatic. But today thanks to brands like Happy Socks we can have a great variety of colors and patterns that can be worn on our feet.

happy socks spring summer 2020

Whatever your choice of funny and colorful Happy Socks mens socks, matching them with shoes is not a good idea. The only exception is if you decide to be monochromatic from head to toe, like with a suit. And even then, however, a slight shift in color tone between the ankle and the foot is not a bad thing!

calze da uomo colorati, happy socks spring summer 2020

Rather better to use colors and patterns of the pants to match the socks. An uninterrupted line from the waist to the shoe creates the optical illusion of lengthening the legs, avoiding gaining centimeters by avoiding heels or similar.

In general, however, socks should not be combined with shoes or pants. Rather, you should play with it using different color tones. Light-color trousers? You can use red and white polka dot socks on a dark background. In short, the socks can differ in shades or fabric to give depth to looks that can be flat.

calze da uomo colorati, happy socks spring summer 2020

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