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Body Confidence: when we stop fixing our body, others find comfort in themselves too

We must avoid fixing our body just as we avoid fixing many other things about ourselves because they are simply the result of who we are

fixing our body, body shaming, body confidence, posy positivity

Judging ourselves with the aim of fixing our body is something that is easy, but that is often also contradictory. We are afraid of what people think if we are comfortable with nudity, but we don’t want to deny ourselves the freedom to live our sexuality in a full and free way. We don’t want to be too thin to avoid the critics about our feeding, but being fat would mean getting many cruel judgments about our health.

These continual contradictions lead us to feel even stronger the pressure to satisfy a status quo that we actually don’t understand well. This is why we come to build new standards on the body (all ours) always based on control and never on freedom.

We create a personal body idea based on those people who, in our opinion, are worthy of receiving attention. And we aspire to those because it’s the only way we know to regain the control of ourselves. We see the idea of ​​rejection in the idea of ​​imperfect body and we are willing to correct our bodies so that this doesn’t happen.

fixing our body, body shaming, body confidence, posy positivity

How to stop fixing our body

If we avoid fixing our bodies, just as we avoid fixing many other things about ourselves because simply the result of how we are, we would also encourage others not to judge bodies as wrong. Because it’s the normality of our bodies that spreads a more inclusive vision of beauty, attraction and sexuality. And when we finally stop running away from our bodies, others also find comfort in themselves and we simply begin to freely live their affectivity and sexuality.

After all, if we live our lives in accordance with all the standards of this society, we will remain permanently locked at home! How nice would it be if we tried to focus on the idea that we are more than a body and that our value, our happiness, our health and our power have nothing to do with how we look?

We deserve to live, do and be concerned with how we look if we want it, not because we have to. And this is useful not only for us, but also for others. Because by reminding ourselves that we are more than a body, and that we can live with that body, we will also stop seeing others as bodies that should be fixed. We all live in this world so cruel and dehumanizing that the best thing to do is to raise each other up and support each other aiming at an awareness of our authenticity.

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