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Body confidence: embrace your body or change it?

The real challenge of Body Confidence is not to change your body, but to learn not to feel ashamed and insecure about it

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Choosing to be happy with your body and not devoting your entire life to “repairing” it is an act of rebellion, because you know how society would like it. But as much as you can increase our Body Confidence and be happy with your body, it’s normal not to be immune to the will to change it. And everyone sooner or later happens to do it during their life.

The problem is that when you decide to do it, you make the mistake of aiming for the result instead of embracing the journey. In this way you keep focusing on what you don’t like instead of being proud of what you’re doing. Because the real challenge is not to change your body, but to learn not to feel ashamed and insecure about it.

Body Confidence: it’s not about changing but guiding change

Until you learn to be kind to yourselves, you will never accept that there may be things you cannot change. Or that doing it anyway will not allow you to feel good or be happy. It’s not about “changing” but guiding the change.

This means that sometimes you may continue to have feelings of shame because you will still feel the stigma of weight within you thinking about what people might think. But let’s not forget that, for every person who judges a different body, there is another who is facing a similar path to yours and who doesn’t need this.

You must choose how to live, and not start when you have the right body to do what you want. Because life goes on regardless of your body or weight. You can do what you feel like doing, even when you’re not ready to show your brightest self. Because on this path sometimes you will go fast and sometimes you will take small steps. You are not able to really know what people think of you, so the only thing you can do is enjoy the sun and the air on your skin and allow so many others to do it.

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