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Men’s trench coat, the perfect outerwear for spring

Of all the outerwear, the men's trench coat is the most elegant and the most useful for sheltering from the rain, perfect for spring

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Of all the men’s outerwear, the trench coat is certainly the most elegant. This probably because it’s one of the oldest military garments, dating back to the early 20th century when it could only be worn by officers. The trench coat in fact was used to avoid getting the uniform dirty with mud when they were in the trenches. Today, however, this coat is mainly associated with the prototype of the English detective, useful for sheltering from the rain.

trench da uomo, mens trench coat, cappotti taglie grandi uomo, plus size men fashion

Modern men’s trench coat

Although it has been modified and updated over the years, many of the original details remain. For example, there are no longer the shoulder pads, useful for indicating the rank, and the metal rings attached to the belt where putting grenades and ammunition, but the flap on the shoulder – designed to help soften the recoil of the rifle – remained to allow water to flow out of the body rather than into the coat! The double-breasted cut provides an additional layer of warmth for the torso, while the waistband and the neck and cuff closures allow it to be kept closed in case of change of the weather.

The trench coat doesn’t keep you warm, but dry, making it a perfect coat for spring.

trench da uomo, mens trench coat, cappotti taglie grandi uomo, plus size men fashion

Why do you need a trench coat and how to wear it

Today there are various versions of the trench coat: short and long, lined and unlined, in wool or cotton gabardine with more or less of those classic details: some have so few details that they hardly look like a trench coat! But there’s a reason this classic style never goes away: this coat is functional! It’s a garment that allows a breathable layering and an efficient protection from humidity or cold without the risk of feeling excessively hot.

Precisely for this reason it has great stylistic versatility: it can be worn with an elegant dress or with casual clothing. With a sweatshirt and jeans it reminds to the style of 60s Parisian students, while buttoned and with a large scarf it’s more in 80s style. If you are a plus-size guy and don’t want to draw attention to your bust, you could wear it without a belt over a jacket or shirt. In addition, the trench coats are available in many colors, but the most useful are in classic colors such as the khaki trench coat you see in this post.

The trench coat is a real family heirloom that cannot be renounced.

trench da uomo, cappotti taglie grandi uomo, plus size men fashion

What I’m wearing:

Trench coat: COLLUSION sold by ASOS
Shirt: ASOS Design
Denim jeans: ASOS Design
Sneakers: PUMA

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