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DIY tips to organize your home

In absence of much space, here are some DIY tips to organize your home, not only in terms of clothing

It’s beautiful buying clothes but it’s very complicate to order them! If we wanted to keep them folded well we’d need a lot of drawers and cabinets. In absence of so much space, here are some diy tips for organizing your home, not only clothes.

  1. If you use pens, pencils and colors every day just like me (or if you have children that use them) it could be very useful to use a muffin tin with six cups inside to organize everything. Alternatevely it may be good for preserving the rings.
  2. If you are surrounded by many products to treat your body in the bathroom, you could use a separate table (also below) for putting on all you need. Useful idea is to exploit the vertical, so you can use the cake stand to place on soaps, creams.
  3. If you have a computer station with tons of changig cables, it will be extremely elegant bringing all in a lidded glass Bon Bon jar. Also it will be very helpful to use bulldog clips (the same ones you see in the picture) to organize the cables that you must connect to your computer. Simply attach the clips to the edge of the table and use the upper part to fix the cable.
  4. Finally, an advice about clothing. I always have a lot of trouble ordering the scarves: I oftne lose them, or I cannot find them, or I have to pull out all the others to take the one I want because it is in the bottom of the box. A simple but brilliant alternative is to use the hangers, not placing the scarves just above, but doing a node that can be opened (as those of the bracelets) and tie them to the bottom of the hanger. In this way the scarves will not move an inch (for example, often they fall!) and you can instantly find the scarf you want.

all the photos by Sara Morris for the Guardian

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