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Coming out: it’s not about labels! Naming yourself is the same as being

The serenity in knowing that there is a term that describes you is a way to exist. The coming out is this: naming yourself means that you are

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In an interview on Vanity Fair the italian singer Michele Bravi, that in a few weeks will rise on the stage of Sanremo (after a career start post X-Factor badly managed – from his record company), he came out.

Leaving out those horrible and stupid jokes (as “but we already knew!”) that certainly doesn’t help him or any other gay person who in life wants to self-determination like any other human being in the world, I want to dwell on a passage that I often see repeated by young (gay) boys (gay).

“I would not use labels. They belong to the old generations and descend from a way of thinking that I consider outdated and even a little discriminatory”

This is totally wrong. The serenity in knowing that there is a term that describes you, even if not completely, is a way to exist. Naming yourself is the same as being: from birth we tend to have a name, which is partly a reflection of the culture to which we belong, of the country or simply of the “family” of which we are part.

Naming is therefore identity, not judgment

And like the first name, it’s not a complete identity, but a little piece that is added to its identity and the fact that others, by calling you that way, identify part of your being. They say that you are there and you are there as a person who has those characteristics.

I think this step is important because it is also the basis of something that is currently taken very lightly: homophobia. Anyone who continues to believe that a law against homophobia is not necessary is because they say “we are all the same”.

But this is not so: if a person attacks you because you are gay, we are not the same. It’s not hating you because you’re blonde, it’s hating you because you are a man or woman that likes another man or woman. It’s identifying you and they are trying to undo that part of yours with violence.

Let’s fight the judgment, but let’s not do it to the point of eliminating self-determination. It is important and it is something terribly modern and “inclusive”, non-discriminatory.

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