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5Preview AW 2013-14- Ça plane pour moi

The name 5PREVIEW comes from the French philosophy of 5-piece wardrobe: this minimalist style only admits 5 new pieces in their wardrobe.

5PREVIEW is a brand founded in 2008 by Swedish designer and illustrator Emeli Mårtensson, whose illustrative expressive style and her ironic imaginary became soon popular through a series of graphic t-shirts collections. In January 2008, in fact, in Via Cavour Ranked # 221 in Rome, was created the first hand-printed t-shirt with the recognizable, large and impressive prints “made in Italy”-

The name 5PREVIEW comes from the French philosophy of “5-piece wardrobe”: this minimalistic style accepts only 5 new pieces in our wardrobe for each season, in addition to the basic classics that everyone already owns. The first collection of the brand just tried to create the perfect “collection of 5 pieces.”

5PREVIEW has a strong ideology of design: a minimalist visual approach that inspires, provokes and humorizes maintaining a simple innocence. As a small brand, also, his approach to the design process is absolutely handmade. The prints and styles are developed in-house, using traditional printing methods and inks.

For the AW2013-2014 season, 5PREVIEW continued with its huge and impressive graphic unisex collection creating “Ça Plane Pour Moi”. Even in this case 5PREVIEW has created something fun pointing to parodies of fashion through prints “SALVATORE”, “FELINÉ” and “YOHJI”, based on a famous aphorism by Yohji Yamamoto. To this, are added the humorous tee “SAVE ME”, “POUR MOI” and the classic “WATER CAVOUR”. All t-shirts are available from XS to XL, in black, white, plum and dark grey mélange.

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