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Top 5 lace-up shoes, autumn-winter 2013/14

Lace-ups are a very broad category - here is the top 5 models of lace-up shoes for Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Zalando, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard

I admit that in my life as a teenager I’ve loved only sneakers. Probably because I thought it was the only model of shoe able to get close to my way of thinking about playful and ironic looks. Growing up, however, I realized that there are many other types of shoes that, although traditionally can be very “classic”, are now made of patterns and colors that make them less earnest. And among these, the (sports!) lace-ups are the ones I prefer. Certainly Internet has been responsible for this growth: in stores the lace-ups was all so similar and far away from my world, but online shops like Zalando allowed me to know these fashion icons.

The lace-ups (just like the sneakers) represent a very wide category: there are he Derby (where the laces eyelets are built on top of the single-piece vamp) or Oxford (where laces eyelets are sewn beneath the vamp, a method knowed as “closed lacing”). Since lace-ups are traditionally used during the autumn-winter period, I decided to make a top 5 of those interpret trends and seasonal colors.

Zalando, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard
Eleven Paris – Texture leopardata in tessuto 
Dr. Martens – Pelle burgundy
Gram 380G – Pelle nera 
Zalando, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard
Society Footwear – Pelle nera e tessuto grigio con cuciture
YOUR TURN – Pelle scamosciata verde

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