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Aim to live well, not to be perfect: what does identity mean and how to build it with self-awareness

The value of identity in our socierty: it's comforting to believe that what strikes, disturbs us and that can (or could) do us harm is outside of us

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The fact that we can’t explain always leave a feeling of inadequacy, anger and even fear. The first step is to look for a cause, because the cause-effect relationship is something that makes us calm, makes us feel at ease. It’s not possible for a person to conceive of something without a reason why.

So we begin to think about something that is outside of our sphere of knowledge (and often also of competence). We made assumptions that have nothing to do with the analysis and much more with the judgment. Thoughts that very often generalize on situations, places, things and people. All this looking for a cause that is outside of us. Because it’s comforting to believe that what strikes us, that disturbs us and that can (or could) do us harm is outside of us.

But most of the time it turns out to be a simple excuse. There is no desire to deepen, to understand ourselves. Nobody wonders what the identity value is inside our society. What identity means and how much this affects our behavior. How many people are willing to succumb, to hide or even to transform their identity without real awareness. Those people pretend to be who they aren’t.

Self-awareness and identity

We must recognize ourselves, not bashing. Avoid labeling. Stop judging and talking constructively, without being too strict. Never disrespect. Do not be manipulated but learn to become more assertive. Do not fall into the trap of envy. Do not see others as they are not, without making comparisons. Look at what’s behind the need for approval and why others see you differently.

Let the important choices fall to you only (only you know what you need!) because others will never be you. Making mistakes, but do not stay focused only on yourself. Not always live as if you were under examination. Take more care of your own judgment than others’ one. Smile of yourself. Be ashamed of your own shame. Decide on what to base your self-worth and stay true. Listening and not making indispensable what is not.

Aim to live well, not to be perfect.

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