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Sothys, Sérums jeunesse: only one serum is not enough!

Sérums Jeunesse is the new offering of Sothys consists of 6 serums inspired by modern dermo-aesthetic techniques to improve your skin

Sothys, Serums jeunesse

A serum is a highly concentrated formula of specific active ingredients. A texture designed to enhance the active penetration into the skin.

Change serums during the year is important: in this way you can have different solutions to the various problems of the skin as age, way of life, variety of galenic principles, special moments (disease, diet changes) and seasons.

Six serums jeunesse by Sothys

Sérums Jeunesse is the new offering of Sothys consists of 6 serums inspired by modern dermo-aesthetic techniques such as hyaluronic acid injections, radiofrequency, lighting treatments, mesotherapy, detox and ultrasound treatment.

Six serums with different action to reduce the spots on the oily skin, to preserve the tone, to give it more vitality, to dispel the effect of fatigue, to fill wrinkles and to preserve the shape of the face to all ages.

Sothys, Serum jeunesse unifiant, Serum jeunesse focus rides

Unifying youth serum

A serum of resveratrol with matte finish that helps reduce the appearance of skin color imperfections, all the pores and visibly smooth out the surface wrinkles.

Wrinkle-specific youth serum

A serum by melting texture with “soft focus” powders that helps to visibly fill existing wrinkles, smooth the skin surface and restricts the signs of aging

Sothys, Serum jeunesse detoxifiant anti-radicalaire, Serum jeunesse reconstituant

Detoxifying anti-free radical youth serum

A serum with texture “glowly” effect and anti dull pigments that penetrates immediately into the skin to visibly protect against free radicals and improve cell renewal.

Reconstructive youth serum

A serum-textured gel oil that envelops the skin nourishing it intensely, giving it more density and vitality, by improving all the signs of age, inspired by dermo-cosmetic technique of mesotherapy. Active skin-revitalizing: complex of vitamins and omega 3,6, and 9.

Sothys, Serum jeunesse focus fermete, Serum jeunesse ovale parfait

Firming-specific youth serum

A gel serum stretch-effect with oligopeptides that helps to limit the cutaneous relaxation for toning, firming and visibly smooth the traits

Perfect shape youth serum

A serum with an enveloping texture and contouring instantly that reshapes the oval of the face, helping to preserve its contours.

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