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Sothys, Soin Sensations Orientales Treatment

The Soin Sensations Orientales treatment by Sothys is inspired by ancestral rites: a pre-exfoliation to prepare the body and a modelage to nourish the skin

Sothys Soin Sensations Orientales

The new treatment Soin Sensations Orientales by Sothys is inspired by ancient ancestral rites: a pre-exfoliation in syrup to prepare the body to scrub, followed by a modelage enriched with amber oil and date seed to nourish and sublimate the skin, a moment of pure relax.

An inviting aroma that transports the senses to distant Eastern lands. Thanks to the warm and sugary amber and woody base notes of myrrh, the 4 products of Soin Sensations Orientales treatment leaves an unforgettable impression on the skin.

The active ingredients of Soin Sensations Orientales

The Amber is a fossilized resin from an ancient tree, Pinus succinifera. The legend tells that amber was used as a protective talisman, and, combined with musk, it was also used in some love potions. Known for its many properties, it reduces stress and fatigue.

Rich of sugar and vitamin C, the Date moisturizes the skin and protects the skin barrier. A native of North Africa, the fruit of the date palm is also in the Arab countries at the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and is part of the specification of the oasis vegetation.

Sothys, Elixir-gelifie nourissant

Nourishing body gel

This Nourishing body gel, with its captivating aroma, transports to an oriental faraway land.

Use: Apply generously to the body and rub in with light strokes
Quantity: 125ml

Sothys, Voile sublimateur jambes

Beautifying legs enhancer

This amber gel instantly enhances the legs with a discreet tinted veil.

Use: Apply to moisturised legs and rub in with light strokes. Wait until the product is perfectly dry before dressing.
Quantity: 75ml

Sothys, Mousse de douche

Shower foam

The amber and oriental fragrance of this shower foam carries the senses to a faraway land.

Use: Apply to the body in the shower, then rinse.
Quantity: 150ml

Sothys, Pate de gommage

Oriental exfoliating paste

This oriental-inspired exfoliating paste with amber and myrrh transports to a warm, aromatic sensorial escape.

Use: Apply to wet skin using the dry spatula. Perform rotating movements, then rinse.
Quantity: 200ml

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