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Why Post-Holidays Detox programs are Nothing but another Useless Diet

Detox is nothing more than an alternative way to say diet, using our guilt feelings to say that food holidays is toxic (but it is not)

Detox, dieta, dimagrire dopo le feste

Photo by Vegan Liftz on Unsplash

After all the holidays based on dinners, sweets, desserts and any kind of delicacies, you’ve been overwhelmed by a series of messages on social media that indicate how to purify, detoxify and deacidify your body.

They call it Detox and it’s mainly advertising or secret advices on how to drain everything you ate during the holidays through slimming drinks, through low-calorie foods and various fasts.

What is wrong with the Detox Culture?

Detox is nothing more than an alternative way to say diet. They use our guilt feelings to sell products or programs that are not really useful or that are very often harmful.

There is no good food, bad food, clean food, dirty food: food holidays is not toxic. This distinction only create a moral classification according to which good people eat good food and bad people eat bad food.

Of course, we consume more food during holidays, also because we are much lazier and so we can feel more weighed down. But talking about detox means thinking that you have made a mistake eating, that you have done something wrong and now you have to remedy these mistakes.

And this give to food a negative meaning and takes us away from the possibility of having a good relationship with food and also with holidays.

Detox, dieta, dimagrire dopo le feste

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash


Food is much more than a mix of nutrients and energy. It’s sharing, passion, pleasure, joy and sensuality. It’s history and life, with food we discover ourselves and others, as well as other cultures, other uses. Food conveys messages and emotions and how can all this be toxic?

Our body is able to detoxify itself because since birth we have organs such as  liver and kidneys that naturally allow us to purify our body.

If you feel weighed down after these days, just listen to your body and what it needs. Trust your body and your natural weight. It’s useless to kill yourself with grueling activities at the gym: physical activity is not a punishment, but must be a pleasure.

Turn the fast that they are offering to those people or those things that take us away from a healthy relationship with food.

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