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A gift idea for tea lovers: Tumbler Large and Microtea Collection

The Microtea collection by Waterdrop is a tea in the form of a cube that you can simply dip into hot water and let it melt

microtea waterdrop, idee regalo natale 2020

“When it’s cold, there’s nothing like hot tea”. If you know someone who adheres to this philosophy, who has more teapots than shoes, you probably know a tea lover.

Tea lovers never seem to have too many types of tea and too many cute mugs in their collection. And therefore it can become really complicated to choose to use their passion for a gift. However, there is still a way to surprise them, with new features that can make one of the oldest rites in the world more modern.

microtea waterdrop, idee regalo natale 2020

Waterdrop and its microtea

For example, is it possible to carry the ritual of afternoon tea around, wherever a person is? This is the idea of the Microtea Collection by Waterdrop. It’s a tea in the form of a cube that doesn’t require any preparation. It doesn’t have to be infused or left to soak: just dip it into hot water and let it melt.

In each cube are compressed real fruit and plant extracts from controlled sources. For example, 3 flavors have been created for the microtea: Fruit Fusion, with hibiscus – blueberry – rosehip; Oriental Spice, with ginger – turmeric – chilli; White Blossom, with white tea, lime blossom and blueberry. Microteas are sold in convenient packs of 12 that can be safely carried around.

microtea waterdrop, idee regalo natale 2020

A gift idea: Tumbler Large and Microtea Collection

Speaking precisely of the possibility of going around, Waterdrop has created a Microtea Collection with a Tumbler Large that can be an excellent gift idea.

The collection is made of one or more packs of Microtea (fruity, invigorating or spicy) while the Tumbler Large (that will be ok in a collection) is in both colored and illustrated versions. The tumbler is made of a double layer of stainless steel that keep the hot drink for up to 6 hours, and also it has an innovative closure that prevents any type of spilling in our bags or backpacks.

All products and collections can be purchased on the Waterdrop website

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