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The limited edition of Lush for a more playful and scary Halloween 2019

The new collection dedicated to Lush Halloween 2019 transforms the bathroom and shower into a thrilling experience

lush, halloween 2019, gel da doccia slime boo

Lush presents the new collection dedicated to the night of Halloween 2019: many limited edition proposals to transform the bathroom and the shower into a thrilling experience.

One of the news is a selection of sparkling bath bombs like Punpkin Punpkin, that combines organic powdered pumpkin, cinnamon essential oil and citrus mix of lime, wild orange and mandarin. While the shower gel slime Boo! awakens all the senses and all the spirits. With emollient maize flour and evacuating bamboo extract, it dispels the ghost of dryness to leave the skin monstrously smooth. In addition to preserving the product, xanthan gum is a wonderful natural thickener that softens and moisturizes. Its sweet and witty scent invites you to make so many tricks: more or less innocent for a phantasmagoric Halloween.

lush, halloween 2019, bomba da bagno punkin punkin

The legend of the pumpkin

The pagan Halloween holiday comes from Samhain, an ancient Celtic tradition of celebrating the end of the harvest. The legend of the carved pumpkin doesn’t come however from the Celts, but from an Irish legend, known as Jack-o’-lantern. There are several versions, but this is certainly the best known:

Jack, a cunning smith, met the devil in a pub, who wanted to take advantage of the situation to steal his soul. So offered to Jack a deal: the soul would be his, but only after the last drink. The devil turned into a coin, which the smith immediately placed in the purse near a silver cross. To be freed, the devil promised Jack that he would never show up again for ten years.

Ten years later, the devil returned to visit Jack. Before getting the soul abducted, the blacksmith cunningly asked the devil to pick an apple and, in the meantime, cut a cross on the tree trunk to prevent it from going down. After a fight, the devil finally promised Jack to spare him for all eternity.

Jack had committed too many sins to go to Heaven and, at the same time, he would not even have been received in Hell. While the smith complained about the dark and the cold, the devil threw him a piece of burning wood. Legend has it that from that moment Jack, after putting the flame in a carved turnip, roams in the night in search of a place of peace.

So what does pumpkin have to do with it? In the original legend there is no trace, we only speak of turnip … the reason is simple: many Irish people emigrated to America during the 800s, where turnips were too small to be used as lanterns. They then decided to replace the turnips with pumpkins … which were not only larger, but also easier to grow!

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