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How a wall clock can decorate your room

When it comes to decorating your home, a wall clock is much more than marking time: it provides a unique accent, creating a focal point within the room

Orologio da Parete, Banggood

Sometimes art combines with practicality to create something that is truly unique, beautiful to look at and yet at the service of a particular function – and necessary.

Wall clocks are a perfect example of this fusion of form and function. When it comes to decorating your room, a wall clock is a solid choice that can provide a unique accent, but also create a focal point within the room.

Orologio da parete, Banggood

The right design for your wall clock

You can’t forget the value of the design of a wall clock. Yes, they are there mainly to let the timetable know. But precisely for this reason they tend to be looked at often. And that’s why having one that matches your style is important, based on color and size.

For example, I didn’t want one that was too small to get lost in the room, but not even something really too big that seemed out of place with all the furniture. That’s why I chose the retro wall clock of Bangood, a vintage accent that fits perfectly even if the rest of the surrenders are particularly modern.

I like this clock especially because it is “open frame” through the metal profiles, and above all that the numbers are large enough to read it from other rooms.

As you understood, wall clocks are much more than marking time.

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