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How to create a Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats

Creating Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats means wearing our original idea and statement, something that is hard to find around

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I don’t know if it happens to you too, but when I get dressed creating a look that I don’t like so much, I put on a hat and, as if by magic, the whole look finally finds its meaning.

A hat, in practice, is able to give greater character to anything that is already in the closet. And this is why hats have always been an excellent solution when it seems that nothing we are wearing is really going well.

headict, cappelli personalizzati, ricamo 3d, Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats

How to have a unique and original hat

But do you know what is even better than the hats of famous brands that we have already purchased? Wearing custom hats! Something born from our idea, something original, that anyone can hardly find around in the shops.

A custom hat is able to make (our) a statement to the world through a clear and concise message only by wearing it. But which hats are most suitable to be customized? And how can they be customized?

headict, cappelli personalizzati, ricamo 3d, Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats

Which hats to choose?

Obviously everyday life is not suitable for a top hat. And maybe it’s not even necessary. But there are other hat options to choose from.

Among these, the most famous is the snapback, one of the most popular hats consisting of five or six panels with a wide and flat edge and an adjustable snap on the back (from which the name derives). Its ancestor is the baseball cap, but snapbacks have evolved into a symbol of urban culture today.

For those who live in colder places this is not the most suitable hat, because comfort and utility takes precedence over style. But there is a way to have both: beanies! Beanies are warm and comfortable hats and you can play them even in the milder periods.

headict, cappelli personalizzati, ricamo 3d, custom beanie

Where can I create Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats?

Chosen the hats that are most suitable for us, it’s time to think about customization.

There are really various ways to do it: the most common is the engraving, but in my opinion the way with the greatest impact is the use of 3D embroidery. Thanks to Headict I was able to create my Custom 3d Puff Embroidery Hats inspired by Body Positivity. With this type of embroidery the writing on the hat is more raised (with a thickness of about 3mm) compared to the normal embroidery which is instead made flush on the hat.

How did I make the hats? I wrote the text, I chose the size of the text, the type of font I wanted and yes, here is a snapback that says RIOTS NOT DIETS and a red beanie that screams MY BODY MY RULES.

…it will be difficult for those who meet me not to understand how I think about food and weight!

headict, cappelli personalizzati, ricamo 3d, custom beanie

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