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Microdrink, the idea of Waterdrop to make drinks more sustainable

Microdrink, the best natural ingredients (fruit and plants from controlled sources) are compressed in a small cube to dissolve in water

waterdrop, microdrink

Water, coffee, tea: drinking is not only an activity necessary to satisfy thirst, but has also an important role within the various cultures. And now that drinks are highly popular through packaging and supply chains that are not always sustainable, it’s important that drinks continues to play their important cultural function, but with greater attention to the environment.

waterdrop, microdrink

Waterdrop and the idea of microdrink

The concept of microdrink that Waterdrop created is very simple: compress the best natural ingredients into a small cube. This cube, rich in real fruit and plant extracts (from controlled sources), can be dissolved in a glass or bottle of water, creating a microdrink.

waterdrop, microdrink

In this way, not only the drink is no longer the product (the cube is!), but there is no longer any need for the same traditional chain of drinks both in terms of transport and for the supply of raw materials, i.e. the water. A traditional drink must be produced, filled, loaded onto a truck, taken to a shop, brought home, consumed and then thrown away. Instead, each person with Waterdrop can create their own drink from their own water, wasting much less.

In addition, the production and use of plastic is almost absent – Waterdrop doesn’t use plastic at all just because it’s the only material available that can guarantee that the sealed cubes remain fresh, otherwise it should use conservation chemicals.

waterdrop, microdrink

Product and bottles

Waterdrop offers 8 different flavors divided into themes with graphically well-kept packaging: there is GLOW with Mango, Prickly Pear and Artichoke; or FOCUS with Lime, Baobab and Acerola or BLACK with Cola Nut, Guarana and Blackberry. For now these are my favorites.

In addition to offering microdrinks, Waterdrop invites you to drink sustainably thanks to its glass or steel bottles. The Waterdrop edition you see in this post is made of scratch-resistant borosilicate glass with a bamboo cap and incorporates the same illustrations by Marusha Belle used for the packaging of the microdrinks, both on the bottle and on the thermal lining included.

And you, are you ready for this small revolution in the world of drinks? All the info on the official website and with the code RICCARDO5 you will have a discount of 5 € on a shopping of over 30 €

waterdrop, microdrink

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