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Men’s Cosmetics: Sterling Beard Oils, WAHL’s line for taking care of your beard

The WAHL Beard Oil line is a range of basic products made up of 3 different shaving oils: Refresh, Repair and Relax

WAHL Beard Oil, olio da barba

We often complain about skin irritations, especially after shaving or trimming the beard. But how many do they use shaving oil?!

If on one hand technology is trying to make more and more delicate razors, on the other hand you can’t avoid for treating your face. Not only, the beards have cuticles that open like pores. And being able to feed them from the inside means being able to make your own beard much stronger and lush.

WAHL Relax Beard Oil, olio da barba

Beard Oil, WAHL’s line of shaving oils

Thanks to its offer of trimmer and clipper, WAHL developed important skills in the field and today puts them togethere creating oa new range of cosmetic products for men to take care of the beard and encourage to experiment with new styles.

The WAHL Beard Oil line is ideal for shaping and treating the beard at home. A range of basic products consisting of 3 different shaving oils, with equally specific functions: Refresh, Repair and Relax.

WAHL Repair Beard Oil, olio da barba

Beard Oil: features

Wahl Refresh is a toning oil, with a subtle smell of mint, whose formula intensely conditions the beard while it hydrates and treats the underlying skin. It can be used daily for an energizing kick-start.

Instead Wahl Relax has got the light fragrance of ginger and orange blossom that will help to have a healthier and smoother beard. At last, Wahl Repair is a sweet oil with soothing properties, ideal for after shaving. It moisturizes and relieves irritated skin, but can also be used for nighttime care after washing your beard.

WAHL shaving oils will be available starting this summer.

WAHL Refresh Beard Oil, olio da barba

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