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The gentleman’s guide to fashionable facial hair

Male celebrities have been leaping on the beard bandwagon and letting their facial hair reach its full potential. Yes, the beard is officially in!

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Image by Christopher Michel used under the Creative Commons license.

From Idris Elba to Leonardo DiCaprio, male celebrities have been leaping on the beard bandwagon and letting their facial fuzz reach its full potential. Yes, the beard is officially in, and it comes in a variety of guises. Whether you’re a French Fork, an Imperial or a Verdi, you’ll need to lose your general apathy towards shaving to keep your facial tresses on-trend. Find out what your beard says about you, and how to keep it in impressive condition

The Goatee

If you’re something of a dapper Dan, you might prefer a trim, pointed goatee over a cloud of bristling follicles. Your style inspiration should come from Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell rather than, say, Mel Gibson’s bizarre Van Dyke effort. When you’re shaping or shaving your goatee, use shaving oil. It’s transparent, so will give you a high degree of accuracy when you’re trying to get the sides even. This style tends to suit men with a round-shaped face; the blocky sides will square out the jawline.

The Moustache

Moustaches aren’t just for Movember, and it’s always a great time of year to find out whether you’re a born Tom Selleck. A lot of the shape will depend on the thickness and growth patterns of your hair. Keep your ‘tache trim with a narrow-toothed comb and a pair of scissors. For some retro ringleader ends, a little wax or pomade will go a long way. Finish the look with a natty suit or a quiff to add a modern spin.

The beard

If you have a long, luxuriant beard, you’ll need to tame it with some TLC in order to get it looking strokeable. Always shampoo when you shower for a softer, manageable mane, then comb through. Because beard hairs tend to curl inward, you’ll need to maintain these with a small pair of sharp scissors to avoid ear, nose and lip irritation. Then, smooth on some beard oil to add a gentle, alluring aroma and shine.

The clean shave

Perhaps you have a job interview on the cards, a family wedding or an occasion which demands a clean shave. It’s time to use every hair removal tool at your disposal. First, trim back hair to around ¼ of an inch in order to get a closer shave. Use a shaving brush and soap for thick foam which will lift hairs and lubricate your skin, and shave in long, straight sweeps. Alternatively, book an appointment at the local barber and get a straight razor shave. You’ll never look back!

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