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Guide to summer style

A small style guide for the holidays: fabric bag, straw hat, light scarf, lace-up shoes and sunglasses

For every little trip you can not miss the fabric bag (1.), comfortable and roomy. For a contemporary feel, you must use the straw hat (2.) for sunstroke on hot days! An unusual and personal touch is to use the light scarves on shorts (3.) in linen or cotton. Lace-up shoes with braided leather (4.), almost 3D, for a more classic touch (in the summer, we have many opportunities to use them!). Do not forget the classic retro shirts, with floral prints (5.), to use especially under a blazer. Do not forget the watch (6.): let make us precious with a golden touch that keeps us stylish even during the holidays! Finally, go to sunglasses (this is the season!): the model “Romiley” (7.) has the mounting only at the top.

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