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Too little space for men’s fashion: why?

Men's fashion continues to have a little space in the industry fashion: guilt of fashion or men are not interested into style?

Men Fashion

The time is past 11pm. I’m not sleepy. I get bored watching TV and it is too late to listen to music as I want, that is with the speakers and headphones. I reflect on some of the issues that I run in my head for a while. It will definitely be a long post so I will understand if someone does not want to read it.

As you well know, I am a guy and that destabilizing because I know there are very few men who deal with fashion blog, especially in Italy. And this seems very strange, since browsing fashion magazines many collaborators but also designers, makeup artists and everything that surrounds fashion is MAN. It is difficult to find men who talk about fashion, much less men’s fashion: it is easier to be passionate about women’s fashion.

I thought about it and I think the reasons are mainly two.

The first reason is attributed to fashion itself: small spaces for man’s style. The feminine style is dominant, and I think it’s all about the clothes. Women have this great fortune to be able to wear the clothes and the clothes allow greater “diversity”. For a man, the dress is always the same: change colors, maybe the materials, but it is difficult to change the cuts. It doesn’t exit a “top of the clothes”. For men, shirt or t-shirt, and jacket. Stop. For women, the upper part includes different necklines with straps, strapless, and countless applications, rouge, shoulder pads and so on. It’s clear that, at this point, for men, men’s fashion is reduced. The variety is still limited in a range and the possibility for a vivid interest in the masculine style is very very basic.

The second reason is attributed to man himself: lack of interest in style. It seems like one of those phrases on which a comedian would do a monologue that make me laugh, but it is clear, the men exchanged clothing more as a basic requirement of covering his body as a way to express a bit of themselves, how they are. That is the essence for which fashion exists, otherwise it would be called just clothing! I am convinced that it is a cultural heritage, and I’d love it if the new generations delete this totally. Culturally, think about fashion is still synonymous of something frivolous, so the “man” cannot think about fashion, otherwise he is frivolous. But try to go to a job interview with shorts and then telling me if fashion is frivolous! And because fashion is culturally “females”, then necessarily interesting in fashion affects the virility. But if you haven’t get an erection, even with a pack of Viagra, no matter, if you can’t make a woman fall in love with you because you have a brain like a nut no matter, the important thing is that you are not interested in style with YOUR taste, that you can never develop if YOU never read a newspaper article or a post with the same interest which you spend hours and hours talking about many other bullshit that only men can do, like I do!

I came to the conclusion that the revolution of men’s style should start by women. Because men have no interest in fashion will not make steps to revolutionize. And the men interested in fashion will talk nonsense, because the other man didn’t listen to them or considered them frivolous (see point one). So only women may be able to penetrate to the men who know, love and (if they want to) get married one day saying “FUCK, look at this thing that is written on L’Uomo Vogue, gives advice, it shows some beautiful examples. May you find five minutes to improve your style reading them?”.

Thanks in advance women!

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