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How to wash your beard with a Beard Shampoo instead of a Regular Shampoo

Among the solutions for washing the beard, the Beard Shampoo & Conditioner by Bulldog Skincare allows you to avoid itching and damage hair roots

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In these months of lockdown we haven’ probably so much importance to our beard. And I understand it: who in the morning thought of treating it considering that we should have stayed at home?

But now that summer is coming and we will be a little freer, even if we wear a mask outside we will be able to give our beard a little more care, aiming to fill our days with the right enthusiasm and flourish again!

bulldog skincare, shampoo per barba, beard shampoo

How to wash your beard

Going around is beautiful, but sun and smog lead us to pay more attention to our beard. Which also means washing it in the morning, just like we do with our face.

And no, don’t think about using regular shampoo! These are designed for a much less thick type of hair than a beard. So not only we will waste a lot of product, but it won’t be really effective. And then we may find our chin really dry because the ingredients of regular shampoos can eliminate the natural oils from the beard, making the hair much more fragile.

But there are alternative solutions that allow fast and simple cleaning without too much waste. Among these today I recommend the Beard Shampoo & Conditioner by Bulldog Skincare

beard shampoo, bulldog skincare, shampoo per barba

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner by Bulldog Skincare

The main advantage of this Beard Shampoo is the fact that it’s created with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, which allow you to avoid that annoying “beard itch”, even after washing the beard, that can lead to irritation of the skin and weaken and damage hair roots.

It also contains a conditioner that allows the beard to be soft, and if it is particularly long it is also easier to comb. Using it regularly will make your beard healthier and you will probably also find yourself using less oil.

Let’s go back to joy and happiness, to normal life – obviously continuing to follow the rules so as not to sacrifice moments of freedom and light-heartedness.

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