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Body Neutrality: equal dignity to people regardless of body shape and size

Body Neutrality significa vedere il valore del proprio corpo oltre i propri pensieri negativi e vivere la vita indipendentemente dai giudizi

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The diversity of bodies is something totally natural. For this reason, to the concept of inclusiveness and Body Confidence, we must add the idea of Body Neutrality.

It’s not something simple, because we always tend to compare our body to others’. And the comparison, done in a certain way, is useful to know and improve ourselves. But we could use all the energies we employ in comparing our body to be close to others. Because the others are not rivals to fight to “grab resources”. Resources such as love, fulfillment and even beauty, which are certainly not in short supply.

What is Body Neutrality?

Comparison divides us, leading us to see ourselves as enemies instead of allies, and bodies instead of people. But when we mentally move away from all this, we can finally unite in empathy. We can see more of each other and stand together to be more than we could ever be alone. And this is what it means to give a neutral meaning to the body.

With a neutral approach we would no longer consider the body the way we treat people. This doesn’t mean ignoring the body, indeed we can and must talk about it, but in the same way we talk about other topics. It’s something that we have to consider, but not something that must prevent us from giving equal dignity to people.

Let’s give us permission to live our lives regardless of judgments. Because those will never be missing and although the relationship with our body is a work in progress, Body Neutrality means seeing the value of your body beyond your negative thoughts.

All relationships take effort and I believe this also includes the relationship we have with our body. Because even if we won’t be 100% happy with ourselves every day, we will know that our bodies are still worthy of existing.

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