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Meggings: men can wear leggings too

Fight the taboo of men's leggings with Matador Meggings: because tight fitting spandex clothes won't make you less man

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In recent years, fashion imposed absurd rules on what men and women could wear. One of these concerns leggings, which for men still seems to be a taboo.

Matador Meggings is a brand of men’s leggings that says “Real men wear spandex”. Now, the idea of “what a real man is” is not really the focus of the discussion here, but the slogan is ironic to make it clear that wearing spandex clothes doesn’t make you “less man”. And I like that.

Of course, we had to create a special name to wear them (meggings instead of leggings), but Matador Meggings tries to give this name a dignity by solving a problem that many men with penis have: the visibility of the penis line. For some men it might be something sexy or provocative, but walking around hoping someone will notice the genitals has a terribly predatory and annoying root.

matador meggins, leggins uomo, men leggins

How meggings are made

These meggings are designed with a soft crotch cup that hides so that penis doesn’t become (as usual) the center of our talk. In addition, the internal drawstring keeps the leggings tight with a rise in the back area avoiding sudden “breaks”. It contains two pockets, one open for the phone and one with a zipper for valuables, and a loop at back to allow you to insert the shirt or the towel.

But then, do you know that other rule that if you are a fat person you shouldn’t wear leggings? So I decided to anticipate the times and among the ranks of athletic men who wear meggings (also of this brand – just look at their Instagram profile) I decided that I could have been the first fat pioneer.

Because some bullshit is better to stop them in the bud!

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matador meggins, leggins uomo, men leggins

What I’m wearing:

Sweater: ASOS
Sneakers: ASICS

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